Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian AccidentsWhether you were crossing a street legally as a pedestrian or walking outside of a crosswalk, you may be entitled to compensation for any serious injuries as the result of an accident.

At Kandell & Kandell, we represent those who have been struck or knocked down in a pedestrian accident. Many victims assume they were at fault and feel that they have no claim. However, only an experienced attorney can advise you on where the responsibility and negligence lies.

You May Have a Cause of Action

Regardless of whether crossing from between two parked cars or injured in a hit-and-run accident, pedestrian accident victims are not always responsible and may have a cause of action. Uninsured motorist coverage can cover injuries from a hit-and-run, while a speeding or inattentive driver can be held accountable no matter how or where you crossed the street.

We encourage clients to give us a call even if they are not sure they have a claim. People who operate motor vehicles have a duty to be aware of their surroundings including other cars and pedestrians. If they hit you, you may have a claim against them.

Investigating Your Pedestrian Accident Claim

At our firm, we thoroughly investigate all of our cases. We commonly employ the services of accident reconstruction experts and examine all records to determine damages and liability. We also work with the insurance companies and medical professionals while you focus on recovering both physically and emotionally. Together, we can work toward getting your life back on track.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment regarding an injury suffered in a pedestrian accident, contact us today.