Negligent Security

Negligent SecurityIf you or a loved one have suffered, been injured, robbed or attacked and a lack of security—poor lighting or cameras—could have contributed to your injury, you can take action. At Kandell & Kandell, we are highly experienced in successfully pursuing cases related to negligent security throughout South Florida.

Kandell & Kandell may be able to help if you:

  •  have been the victim of a crime on a commercial property with no security measures in place
  • feel the inattentiveness of security guards or the inadequacy of security measures in place contributed to or directly resulted in your attack?
  • believe there was a pattern of crime in the area which required that the building owner hire security guards or take other safety precautions

Property owners have a duty to protect visitors from reasonably foreseeable harm. Depending upon the circumstances, this duty may include providing such security measures as lighting, cameras, locks/security systems, and security guards among others. If the negligence of property owners, inadequacy of security or the inattentiveness of security guards has resulted in your being harmed, we provide strong representation and compassionate counsel designed to protect your rights, as well as your best interests.

 Steps to Prevent Negligent Security

If a commercial property owner is aware of crime in the immediate or surrounding area, they must take steps to secure the premises, such as hiring qualified security guards. If staff is already in place but serious and violent crimes continue to rise, they must respond appropriately to increase security. Just as the walkways, stairs and elevators must be free from hazards, property owners must do everything reasonably necessary to ensure no patron is harmed by a known risk. If you are a victim of negligent security on commercial or residential property, please contact one of our attorneys today.

Inattentive and Negligent Security Guards

Security guards are in place to make staff and visitors feel safe at a commercial or residential building. Not paying attention to the surroundings or being outright negligent in the performance of their basic tasks can result in the perpetration of serious crimes under their watch. To that end, the property owner may be legally responsible for any harm suffered by residents or patrons.

Unsafe Conditions That Lead to Security Negligence

Security negligence can also take the form of poor lighting or lack of security cameras in a parking lot. This oversight can lead to assault and battery, robbery, rape and even murder. Your safety is paramount and if the property owner failed to protect staff or visitors, we will hold them accountable.

If you are an assault victim because of inadequate security, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help.