Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Vehicle AccidentsCar accidents can be dangerous and debilitating to the victims. Commercial vehicle accidents, however, are damaging, debilitating and complex—when company-owned vehicles are part of the equation, settling legal matters and fighting for compensation shouldn’t be handled alone.

A commercial vehicle accident does not always involve 18-wheel trucks. In fact, company-owned cars and vans, as well as employee-owned cars that are used for business purposes can all be at the epicenter of a serious commercial accident. At Kandell & Kandell, we represent clients throughout South Florida who have been injured in commercial vehicle accidents.

What Is Considered a Commercial Vehicle?

Any means of transportation used in the course and scope of employment is considered a commercial vehicle. In fact, even if you own the vehicle but use it for work, it may still be considered a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicle accident cases often require the services of a seasoned personal injury attorney who understands the complexities of this particular area of the law.

Complex Truck Accident Cases

Commercial semi trucks pose serious danger to other motorists if the operator is negligent, inattentive, sleep-deprived or otherwise impaired. In addition, commercial trucks are held to a varying degree of standards that, if not met, may render a truck dangerous and not road-worthy. Truck accident cases typically pose a level of difficulty that not all attorneys can handle. At Kandell & Kandell, we have successfully settled and litigated many commercial truck accident cases.

Investigating a Truck Accident Claim

Strict federal regulations govern the trucking industry including those related to time on the road, weight of the load carried and number of breaks required to be taken by the driver, among others. We know how to prepare and develop truck accident cases including securing such records as logbooks, trip reports, inspection reports as well as data from the black box on speed, braking and turns. We also work with experts in the engineering field as well as accident reconstruction specialists in order to identify liability and determine damages. We handle all aspects of your claim so that you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

To obtain more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding an injury suffered in a truck accident, contact us today.