Business Interruption/Income Loss

Getting Back to BusinessBusiness income loss or interruption can be caused by myriad sources—and natural disasters of any kind can leave your business in a tailspin. Regardless of the source of interruption, as a business owner it’s integral to your success, your business and your family to carry on with “business as usual.” Just by having business interruption or income loss insurance, you may have thought you had all the bases covered. Your best bet for successful recovery is to hire experienced professionals before making your claim so that it can be properly calculated and presented on your behalf.

But if your claim for interruption or loss of income has been denied or you intend to make such a claim, there’s help. Don’t let your business—and your life—suffer.

Business interruption insurance policies typically cover profits, fixed costs and temporary location. If some or all of your business’ claims have been denied, it may take legal expertise to protect your business from being underpaid by large insurance corporations. You may be entitled greater compensation to cover restoration expenses and continued losses.

If you haven’t yet invested in business interruption or income loss insurance, it’s important to research and learn more about the benefits. These plans cover what standard business plans don’t including lost profits if your business can’t operate. When choosing a plan, read the details and scope of coverage carefully. It’s important to understand any insurance plan fully.

Here at Kandell & Kandell, we’re experienced at handling business interruption and income claims. We serve as advocates for businesses facing post-disaster recovery or other insurance claim disputes so business owners can focus on their goals. Let our expertise help you fight for the claim to which you’re entitled—because your business and income shouldn’t have to suffer.