Bad Faith Insurance

Bad Faith InsuranceWe expect our insurance carriers to provide for us in unexpected times: hurricanes, floods, fires, theft, water damage and more. When an insurance company denies a commercial claim, more likely than not your business will suffer. At Kandell & Kandell, we represent homeowners and businesses in insurance bad faith claims.

Examples of Bad Faith Claims Practices

  • Wrongfully Denied Claims
  • Grossly Delayed Claims
  • Requesting Irrelevant Documents and/or Requesting Them Merely to Extend Deadlines
  • Misrepresenting Policy Terms & Conditions or Facts of Loss
  • Lying to an Insured
  • Improper or Inadequate Investigation of Claims
  • Failing to Respond or Respond Timely

When an insurance company fails to pay out an insurance claim, what options do policyholders have? Our firm sorts through the roadblocks and bureaucracy that complicate the insurance claims process. We provide the legal muscle necessary to move the process along and put pressure on the insurance company. There are various laws that protect consumers. Let us help you use them to your advantage.

Our Clients

We primarily handle first-party insurance claims on behalf of home-owners and businesses. We frequently work with homeowners, condominium associations, small to mid-sized businesses, restaurants, warehouses, and other commercial clients. Many of the claims disputes deal with property damage from hurricanes, flooding, windstorms, fires, and lightning, but we also handle claims involving theft and other property damage.

To find out how we can help you with your bad faith insurance claim dispute, contact us today.